Laser Permanent hair Removal by Anita of Bare Essentials North East

Hair Removal and Reduction with Pulsed Light Therapy

Ever get sick of expensive and painful waxing or continual shaving which often results in unsightly in-growing hairs.

Laser hair removal is suitable for both male and female clients and for all body and facial hair, including intimate body hair.

Super Hair Removal emits a low energy in a series of rapid pulses which are repeatedly passed over an area of skin, to be treated. As the low energy gradually warms the skin, the melanin containing the hair follicles gradually heat to temperature which destroys them preventing further growth.

Super Hair Removal is virtually pain free but not without sensation. You are likely to experience an increasing feeling of warmth as the treatment head is stroked back and forth. There is often a slight prickling sensation at the end of the treatment when the hair roots reach target temperature. Some people say it’s similar to a hot stone massage.

Following the treatment the hairs that have been effected will be shed over a period of days- usually after showering and towelling dry. Sometimes it can take 10-14 days for the hairs to fall out.

Each treatment will only affect a percentage of hairs which are in the hair growth phase, therefore a number of treatments will be needed. On average 6-8 treatments will be needed with a period of 4-6 weeks between each treatment. (This allows time for the next batch of hair to enter the growth phase suitable for treatment.)

Before treatment commences it is necessary to visit Bare Essentials Laser Clinic to have a patch test carried out to ascertain if you are suitable for treatment. At this time you will be able to discuss with Anita, your therapist what area of hair you wish to remove and she will then be able to discuss with you the length of time each session will take and the number of sessions needed, and also give you a price for each session.

This initial consultation including the patch test is FREE OF CHARGE and can take approximately 40 minutes, to ensure your skin is suitable and there will be no adverse reaction. If at this stage you decide to go ahead we will ask for £20 deposit which will be fully refundable at your final treatment.

Laser and IPL have been around for 20 years in the aesthetic industry. Minor heat injury within the skin is actually good for collagen which is why there are so many infra –red treatments available for skin rejuvenation.

You can be assured that Anita, your Laser therapist at Bare Essentials Laser Clinic is fully qualified and trained.