Carbon Laser Peel

Going out on that special date, or an interview for a new job? Want to look your very best, why not pop along to Bare Essentials within Oxygym in Billingham for a Carbon Laser Peel, and let your skin feel fresh and vibrant, it could make all the difference.

Over the past three years, the number of Carbon Laser Peel procedures has increased 456 per cent among men and 215 per cent among women.

Laser resurfacing involves pulses from a carbon dioxide laser to minimize wrinkles and lines. The laser vaporizes water molecules in skin cells, damaging the surrounding tissue.


In response, the skin produces more of the protein collagen, which fills in wrinkles.

So men are realizing like women that with a little help you can make yourself look younger & feel healthier & happier.
A treatment of Carbon Laser peel is £59

To ensure your skin is suitable and there will be no adverse reaction it is necessary to have a patch test, before the treatment begins. At the present time ANITA is offering a FREE patch test.

So why not arrange to come along and get your FREE patch test If at this stage you decide to go ahead we will ask for £20 deposit which will be fully refundable at your final treatment.