Freckle Treatments

Freckles can be a real problem, and whilst many of us find them cute on a young child, often the same child has to face the taunting of his or her school friends.


For a girl in particular the problem can intensify as she gets older and starts dating as by that time the red spots really show their prominence.

Fortunately, now treatment is available and Anita at Bare Essentials North East has her laser ready to solve the problem and bring happiness in the form of a clear complexion.

Laser treatment for Freckles starts from as little as £39

To ensure your skin is suitable and there will be no adverse reaction it is necessary to have a patch test, before the treatment begins. At the present time ANITA is offering a FREE patch test.

So why not arrange to come along and get your FREE patch test If at this stage you decide to go ahead we will ask for £20 deposit which will be fully refundable at your final treatment.