Live Acne Treatments

Acne sufferers often suffer the depression and upset that acne scarring brings.


Surveys say that Acne is now affecting up to 35 per cent of women between the ages of 20 and 40, there’s no getting round: acne is now as much a part of adulthood as it was those raging pubescent years.

There are two main causes of adult acne, Genetics and stress. If your parents had acne at any point in their teens or twenties, you’ll be more likely to develop it as an adult, even if you never had it as a child.’

Continual stress causes significant hormone surges, which can lead to an over-production of the skin’s natural oils,It also slows down the body’s natural healing time so once spots are formed, they take longer to clear. The pressure on women to have and do it all – and the subsequent stress – is unique to this generation of women in their 20s to 40s. No surprise, then, that dermatologist are seeing more cases of adult break-outs than ever before.

What Is Acne & What Can You Do About It?

‘It’s essentially an inflammatory disease. Acne occurs when skin cells don’t shed properly, instead mixing with the natural oils in your skin. This mixture causes cell build-up and creates an environment where bacteria can grow and cause inflammation – aka a spot.’

Now there is help and Anita at Bare Essentials North East can treat live acne, hopefully catching it before the scars develop. Treatment starts from as little as £49

To ensure your skin is suitable and there will be no adverse reaction it is necessary to have a patch test, before the treatment begins. At the present time ANITA is offering a FREE patch test. So why not arrange to come along and get your FREE patch test If at this stage you decide to go ahead we will ask for £20 deposit which will be fully refundable at your final treatment.